Friday, February 18, 2011

Ode to lalalala Renta

I love my Oscar. It is impeccable. The mustard yellow shoes and the wide-legged pants, aaah how I crave!

Please note that this is not fur promotion, if you can, choose not to wear fur.

Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2011.


Anonymous said...


Isabel said...

I think that the outfit at the top is likely to be made from real fur. Therefore I find it utterly horrible and I don't see that animals have to suffer and be killed just so that people can keep warm when there are many other ways to keep warm. I think it is completly unethical and offensive. And even if the fur is not real it looks real and so has no beauty at all in my eyes. And as someone who cares about suffering - both human and animal I don't think you should be promoting it at all on your site.

Gigi said...

Dear Isabel, I completely agree with you and I am against animal cruelty as well. There are lots of beautiful fake fur out there to wear, why kill animals? I do wear fur, but finds that are vintage and second hand. Not that it does not come with issues to wear second hand fur - I do think about it often and feel divided. At the same time I live in Sweden, we've had a very, very cold winter since probably October last year and it seems to be lingering on, my fur does keep me warm. But to make it clear, I don't promote fur wearing.

Isabel said...

Dear Gigi - you are currently promoting it on your site. There is a picture right there of a woman using the fur of animals as a fashion statement and you are showing it. That is promotion. I understand that it is very cold in Sweden - but I don't believe that there are not other ways to keep warm that do not involve killing animals. To my mind even wearing second hand fur still states that it's OK as a fashion statement to wear fur. I feel very strongly that animals should not be raised and killed for the vanity and pleasure of human beings. Your fashion pages are beautiful and it is surely against the spirit of this blog for you ever to promote cruelty. There is just no excuse for wearing fur unles you are born with it.

If you are going to contiune to promote it on your site then perhaps you and anyone that follows this page may like to watch this award winning documentary... if, after watching this to the end - you still wish to promote wearing fur - fair enough.
The documentary can be watched free here. Be sure to watch it to the end.

I hope very much to enjoy other items on here and hope that you will not promote wearing fur.

Fågel said...

I want that yellow belt!