Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chanel mania

Came home late last night to find that my dear friend in London had sent me some lovely pics. She had run into the amazing Lucyann Barry, an apparent fashionista who does what for a living? Buying and selling vintage Chanel jewelery. Yes, I know. And as the Chanel-lover that I am, I'm posting all the pics for you to see!

Just look at the details of these exquisite pieces. And not to mention Lucyann's bold and personal style, look at her fun shoes. I am so in love.

Check out her website here.

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Isabel Losada said...

What was so amazing about Lucyann's style was that she looked so stunning I had to say 'Excuse me do you mind if I take some photographs?' Even though, as you see, we were at the Royal Opera House in London.
What is so amazing about the Vintage Chanel Jewelry that Lucyann is wearing in this picture is how much she loves it and wearing it gives obvious delight. The fact that I photographed the shoes too was an after thought and much amused the passers by. x i